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Evolutionary Business helps people deal with changes in todays businesses.

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39% of all bisunesses prosper, 30% fail, and 30% break even. So that makes 69% of all businesses working businesses. I will try to keep you filled in on my perception of business in todays world economy and how to keep it up.

Stock Market Edit

Right now the economy is failing. Everyone seems to have it in their head that this is a completely horrible thing, I however think this is an opportunity. As the economy drops, the stocks drop, opening up a buyers market that can (with your cooperation) only go up. I say we should all find a secure company that seems like it wont fail and invest while its at rock bottom. True it might continue togo down a couple dollars (or tens of dollars) but it wont last long. My personal choice was General Electric. It seemed like a strong company that has been around for 100+ years and had dropped down to 18 dollars a share so I took the risk and bought in and I advise you to do the same.

Housing Market Edit

People say that the market is improving for houses and throw a bunch of facts at you on how "The market is improving, we can tell beacusee the 2008 monthly poll says more people sold their houses..". But as myself, with a house on the market, I can tell you that (at least in my area) the only people that buy are people that have already sold a house and have found a deal on a great house. So we are all reluctant to buy because we want to sell first, but there isn't enough people just buying for this plan to work for more than 5% of us. I'm not saying to go out and buy the house you've been looking at (especially with the economy as low as it is), but to at least assess the situation before saying no because you haven't sold yet.

New Businesses Edit

Todays failing market is adventageous for all entrepreneurs. With all businesses down, big and small, it's anyones market. Go in and make a killing, find your area and take your ideas to new heights. How, you ask. My answer is simple: Just be smart. Make sure you're up to date on all of the things in all the markets. Follow the stock and housing markets, follow the big banks, and most of all follow the rival businesses. Know thine enemy before trying to beat him out of the market.